What are Prefabricated Building Materials?

Prefabricated building materials are the materials actively used in prefabricated house construction. It is interesting that the same materials are used in the PVC windows, interior room doors, steel doors, fixtures, parquet, and tiles of such houses. 

It is essential that prefabricated building materials are durable and high quality in all conditions. The brands to be preferred in this regard should also have superior performance. Thus, the prefabricated house built will be more robust.

Let's take a look at what these materials are and how they function in more detail...

Prefabricated Building Materials Used to Build the Exterior Structure

prefabricated building structure

Each type of house has building materials that manifest themselves in the construction stages. These products, also known as prefabricated building materials, are the cornerstone of prefabricated houses. The exterior building materials that undertake the mission in the construction of prefabricated houses can be listed precisely as follows:

Among the materials mentioned above, there are two materials that are of high importance. In the absence of these materials, there are no tools that can replace them. The materials we want to talk about are U and H profiles. Both materials draw attention by forming the basic skeleton of prefabricated houses. 

In line with the assembly phases, the exterior building materials used in prefabricated houses have numerous tasks. Light steel frames stand out as one of the most essential materials that offer maximum durability in constructing prefabricated houses. 

In order to select the materials suitable for the project to create the exterior and interior walls of prefabricated houses, prefabricated U-frame profiles are used. 

The assembly starts from the corners and is assisted by H profiles at both ends of the 125-centimeter outer panel. The wall blocks are passed through the inside of the H profiles in many respects. Thanks to quality prefabricated building materials, safe areas are created. The outer wall blocks have a thickness of 10 centimeters each, and concrete slabs are seen in two places.

With Ayba Metal's quality that makes a difference in the sector, H profile products are easily accessible. In this way, it becomes possible to create a perfect prefabricated house in many respects. These functional products take part in the construction of every prefabricated house. It is one of the materials with functional features in many respects.

Prefabricated Building Materials for Interior Buildings 

prefabricated wall applying worker

There are countless materials involved in the construction of prefabricated houses. Each material has a unique structure. The internal building materials used in prefabricated house construction can be listed as follows:

All the materials used in prefabricated houses also give clues about the advantages of prefabricated houses. The best example of this is that the interior building materials of prefabricated houses are similar to the materials used in other types of houses. 

In interior door frames, frames made of stainless galvanized sheet material are preferred. PVC doors are used in balcony doors; aluminum doors can also be made according to preference. Thanks to the PVC support profile you can find among Ayba Metal products, it is extremely enjoyable to create a solid prefabricated house.

After the installation phase of the prefabricated house is completed, a screed application is carried out. The aforementioned application is almost the same as other types of houses. Ceramic or parquet can be made on the screed according to the person's taste. Such methods are also frequently used in prefabricated house garden arrangements. Since the garden is sometimes added to the house and manifests itself as a winter garden, it is cared for as if it were a part of the house.

In toilets and bathrooms, green-colored plasterboard applications are made in order to make the tile application more usual. It is essential that these applications are carried out by professionals. In this way, everything progresses more gradually, and no problems arise. A prefabricated house is created so that everyone will be satisfied and feel good while living in it.

Prefabricated Roof Materials Used in the Construction of Prefabricated Houses

One of the first things that come to mind when it comes to prefabricated building materials is what roof materials are. These materials can be summarized as follows:

The roof of prefabricated houses is presented with a gable roof truss system with a 30 percent slope in standard-based productions with a weldless connection. These triangular trusses of a special size are supported by a metal hanger to make installing the roof cover easier.

Each tool in the prefabricated house materials is generally aimed at the perfect creation of the prefabricated house system; therefore, its importance is high. Thanks to all the prefabricated building materials options offered by Ayba Metal, it becomes possible to build a comfortable home. 

General Features of Functional Prefabricated House Materials

Materials such as concrete, wood, laminated timber, light steel, and steel are the types of materials that are considered indispensable in prefabricated house construction. Let’s examine each of them in detail.

1. Concrete

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials in the industry. This material allows the prefabricated house to be placed more firmly on the ground. It also completely prevents damage caused by natural disasters. Unlike steel and wooden houses, reinforced concrete houses are known for their strong stance against hurricane-type climatic conditions.

2. Wood

In theory, a wooden house is 100 percent recyclable. In practice, wooden prefabricated building materials may cause the cost to increase. However, the carbon footprint effect of such products is extremely low; they are completely environmentally friendly materials. Wooden prefabricated houses are the first choice of every individual who cares about sustainability in nature.

3. Laminated Timber

Laminated timber is generally used in the construction of large walls. All parts can be joined together with the help of laminated timber. The purpose-built building has the same functions as a prefabricated wooden building. However, laminated timber is available at an even higher cost than timber frames.

4. Steel

Manufacturers can create each of the steel container structures in a factory environment. This phase also includes interior furnishing. For this reason, an extra workforce is not required in addition to the assembly teams. This actually reduces the possibility of all the elements that can be considered defects in the prefabricated house structure.

5. Light Steel

Light gauge steel construction is the most traditional among prefabricated house materials. Light steel frame types are as functional as timber frames. With all its advantages, such as saving on materials, light gauge steel has gained the reputation of being one of the most popular building materials of all time.

What to Consider When Choosing Among Prefabricated Building Materials?

There are many essential points that make prefabricated houses different from other house options. But the choice of material becomes one of the most important criteria in this part. Each material option used in this context must be approved by the Turkish Standards Institute and must also have a warranty certificate. 

With everything is done correctly, all operations can be carried out without any problems. Therefore, it becomes simpler to choose the best quality among prefabricated house materials. 

In order to have a more enjoyable time in the home environment and to improve the quality of life, it is important to always choose high-quality products. The quality level of the materials is most clearly understood by the experts. The result is a perfect prefabricated house model.

Ayba Metal makes a difference among its competitors with the high quality and functionality of all prefabricated building materials in its wide product range. You can contact Ayba Metal and purchase the prefabricated building material you need with the most affordable price options.