What are the Profile Types? Their Features and Usage Areas

Used in many areas such as the construction industry, furniture manufacturing, and interior decoration, profile types play a vital role in the durability, aesthetics, and functionality of buildings. Profile types are produced from different materials and the properties and usage areas of each material differ. Different types of profiles such as iron, steel, aluminum, galvanized, wood, and drywall are used in many areas such as the construction industry, furniture manufacturing, and interior decoration.

Profile types are important building blocks for the strength, durability, and aesthetic appearance of buildings. Each profile type is produced according to its own characteristics and usage areas. Metal profile types used as load-bearing elements in the construction industry ensure that buildings are robust and durable.

As Ayba Metal, the prefabricated building, and metal stud profile brand, in this article, we will provide detailed information about different profile types, their properties, and usage areas. After reading our article, you will have all the information you need about which profiles you should use in your building projects!

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What are the Profile Types?

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Profile types are building materials produced from different materials and have different shapes and sizes. These materials are used in many different sectors. Profile types are classified according to the type of material they are produced from. These profile types are preferred due to their different properties and usage areas. Let's take a look at what profile types are! 

  1. Light Steel Frames

worker applying profile onto the wall

Light steel frames are special profiles used in the production of prefabricated structures in the construction industry. These profiles can be made of steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or other materials. Prefabricated buildings are used for industrial buildings, warehouses, workplaces, hospitals, schools, and many other structures.

Light steel frames come in various types. They are designed in different shapes such as roof beams, wall profiles, corner profiles, beams, columns, and channels. Each profile forms a specific part of the prefabricated structures. These profiles can be installed quickly and easily because they are prefabricated.

Light steel frames are more advantageous than many different materials used in construction projects. These include

  1. Exterior Wall Profiles

exterior profiles applied onto the roof

Exterior wall profiles are profiles used in the exterior cladding of buildings. These profiles can be made of different materials. Aluminum and PVC are commonly used in exterior profile construction.

Exterior wall profiles are one of the most important aesthetic elements used on the exterior of the building. Because they play an important role in the external appearance of the building. At the same time, they help protect the facades of buildings from the sun, wind, rain, and other natural effects.

In addition to all its durability features, the M profile in the Ayba Metal product portfolio adds a different atmosphere to construction projects aesthetically.

  1. PVC Support Profile

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A PVC support profile is a type of profile used in the installation of PVC window and door systems. They are made of PVC material and are installed under the window or door frame during the installation of window and door systems. These profiles fill the space under the window or door frame, making the window or door frame more secure and durable.

PVC support profiles come in many different sizes and shapes. This means they are designed to fit the dimensions and specifications of different window and door systems. At the same time, PVC support profiles are also available in different colors and patterns, ensuring a harmonious look with window and door systems.

  1. Metal Studs Profile

metal studs profiles

Metal stud profile types stand out as one of the most important parts of prefabricated buildings. Metal stud profiles used in wall partitions and suspended ceiling applications are considered indispensable parts of prefabricated building projects due to their practical installation and easy portability. 

Drywall profile types, which help prefabricated buildings to have an aesthetically ideal appearance, have become one of indispensable materials of the construction sector today. The desired aesthetic appearance during the project phase can be easily achieved thanks to drywall profiles. 

Drywall profile types are divided into two as wall and ceiling. For the highest quality and long-lasting structures, you can take a look at the Ayba Metal, metal stud profiles!

Usage Areas of Profile Types

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Profile types are produced according to different areas of use. Iron and steel profiles are used as load-bearing elements in the construction industry. These profiles are used in the roofs, walls, and floors of buildings, ensuring that the structures are robust and durable. 

Galvanized profiles are used to increase the resistance of steel profiles against stainless and corrosion. Galvanized profile types are used especially in the load-bearing elements of structures exposed to outdoor weather conditions. These profiles are preferred due to their resistance to factors such as water, moisture, and corrosion.

Drywall profiles are used in interior decoration. These profiles are used for the installation of drywall sheets and are used in walls and ceilings. Drywall profiles are especially used in the interior decoration of buildings such as offices, houses, and workplaces. In addition, drywall profiles can also be used for purposes such as sound and thermal insulation.

profiles applied to the ceiling

As a result, profiles are an important part of construction and building projects.  Understanding the different types of profiles and their characteristics is essential for anyone interested in construction or architecture. When choosing a profile type, it is important to consider factors such as the design of the building, the environment, and the support protection needed. By choosing the right type of profile, you can ensure that your building is strong, durable, and able to withstand environmental conditions.

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