Tile Roof Sheets

Metal roof sheets used for roofing and exterior cladding are frequently preferred because they are a more suitable cladding material compared to other alternatives. It is also very useful as it is fast to install, lighter than concrete alternatives, and resistant to harsh conditions due to nature.

Metal roof sheets produced by Ayba Metal with its experienced and professional staff are an excellent coating method that you can choose to avoid high costs. 

The fact that it has almost 1/10 the weight of concrete alternatives and the amount of metal tile sheets sufficient to cover a house fit on a pallet means that you can practically have a roof.

Metal tile roofing sheets, which combine durability, lightness, and aesthetics, stand out among the coating materials with these features. With its long years of experience, Ayba Metal maintains its title of being one of the leading companies in Turkey and the world in the field of metal tile sheets as in the metal sector.

Metal Tile Sheet Types Reflecting Ayba Metal Quality

Metal tile roofing sheets produced by Ayba Metal meet customers with 2 color options. It offers a very comfortable use with the fact that it can be purchased with red tile sheet and green tile sheet color options and can be used practically in roof or exterior cladding. 

Being lighter than concrete does not only contribute to the installation phase. The fact that it does not easily crack and break when faced with an earthquake also increases the importance of metal tile sheets. 

The bottom layer of metal tile roofing sheets, which is a roofing material made of Aluzink, an aluminum zinc-coated stainless steel, is coated with polyester paint on the top layer. It can be used in a very practical way with its biggest advantage over the tile, which is that it does not require an under-tile board when laying.

The fact that it does not retain snow eliminates the danger of the roof collapsing as a result of long rains, and its stainless feature against rain paves the way for its long life. Metal tile roofing sheets, which are frequently preferred in structures that need to withstand all kinds of conditions such as factories and hangars, are a popular choice in roof coverings with their economic advantages and practicality.

The tile-like sheet metal produced by Ayba Metal's expert team will not only add longevity and durability to your roof but will also make it look aesthetically beautiful. Thanks to its fast portability, practical installation, and aesthetic appearance, the metal tile sheet provides high efficiency.

With more than 20 years of experience in the metal industry in Turkey and around the world, Ayba Metal, which leaves its mark in the metal industry, brings you durable, aesthetic, and functional products with the solutions it produces for your outdoor coating problems. Metal roof tiles are always the first choice for roof and exterior cladding as it is the number 1 in the field. 

You can contact Ayba Metal to get information about metal sheet roof tile prices and make the most ideal choice for your projects with the information provided by its expert staff.