As with everything else, the construction industry has evolved over the years. Thus, design marvelous structures started to emerge. Not only the buildings but also the interiors of the buildings have become more aesthetic thanks to various building materials. The most important change that provided privileges in the interiors of houses in our country was undoubtedly the discovery of gypsum. Thanks to the metal studs profiles, cracks were prevented in the joints of the designs created.

In fact, the ceiling of the houses that come to mind when it comes to metal studs profiles! In the years when it was first used, almost everyone who was going to paint their house had the opportunity to meet drywall. Plasterboard ceilings, which were the new trend of those times, would be integrated from corner to corner with plasterboard detail profiles, as well as in houses with relief patterns in the center of the ceiling where the chandelier was hung. Later, it is seen that a lot of gypsum board is used in the design of new buildings.

The metal studs profile stands out as one of the most important parts of prefabricated buildings. Metal studs profiles used in wall partitions and suspended ceiling applications are considered as one of the indispensable parts of prefabricated building projects due to their practical installation and easy portability. 

Metal studs profile types, which help prefabricated buildings to have an aesthetically ideal appearance, have become one of the indispensable materials of the construction industry today. The desired aesthetic appearance at the project stage can be easily achieved thanks to metal studs profiles. 

Ayba Metal Metal Studs Profile Types 

Ayba Metal, one of the most preferred companies among drywall profile manufacturers, undertakes the production of different types of drywall profiles that will meet the needs of its customers. 

In addition to its wide product range, Ayba Metal, which brings together the highest quality products in the construction sector with its customers, also acts with a customer-oriented understanding of drywall profile prices. 

Drywall profiles, which make a very practical product that saves time thanks to easy assembly, are used not only in interior partition applications of living spaces but also in air conditioning and ventilation facilities. 

Drywall wall profiles and ceiling profiles, which are also used as supporting parts in roof and facade cladding applications, provide a wide usage area.

Ayba Metal drywall profile types are designed to the finest detail by Ayba Metal's expert technical staff and produced in state-of-the-art production facilities. 

Drywall Wall Profiles 

Ayba Metal continues to be one of the most preferred companies in the construction sector with its partition and clad wall profiles. The company brings together two different types of products in its portfolio as drywall u and c profiles with its customers. 

Plasterboard wall profile sizes offered for sale with 50, 75, and 100 mm options are preferred in interior partition wall applications and curtain wall applications. 

In addition, it is also applied to the metal carrier skeleton in shaft wall applications.  

Metal Studs Profiles 

Ayba Metal, the leading brand in the construction sector, also includes suspended ceiling profiles in its wide product range. Drywall ceiling profiles, which have two different types, drywall U profile, and drywall C profile, are solutions for different building projects. 

Drywall u and c profile sizes have a length of 3 cm as standard. In addition, it is possible to provide production in different sizes if desired. These profiles, which help to save time thanks to their fast and very practical installation, reveal aesthetic elegance while hiding the visible parts of the installation. 

The Most Suitable Metal Studs Profile Prices at Ayba Metal

Although metal studs profile prices vary on a company basis, Ayba Metal takes care to bring the highest quality drywall profile types to customers with the most affordable prices. 

In addition, thanks to the metal studs profile sizes offered by Ayba Metal in its product portfolio, it is possible to order in any size you wish.

You can also choose Ayba Metal products to achieve the best results in your building projects, and you can rely on the experience of its expert staff for all your problems with your projects.

Where is Drywall Profile Used?

No one wants to see the cracking on the edges after working on drywall for a few hours. For this reason, detail profiles are used when implementing drywall projects. Detail profiles of many different parts are needed at the joints of two different parts, at the junction points of the ceiling and the wall and in the sections where the hidden light band is used. 

For detailed information about drywall material, you can read the article titled "What is Drywall? Where is Drywall Used?"

When the Fuga drywall profile is evaluated in terms of use, it is seen that it is not only about providing a quality and decorative appearance when applied on a drywall sheet. Another important usage area is to make joints. In addition, the drywall profile is a durable and workable filling material. It is generally used in sheathing. It is due to its aesthetic appearance and the ability to make decorative plaster and paint without the need to make additions during sheathing.