Light steel frames are one of the most essential elements of construction projects. These materials, which are extremely fast to install, are used in many projects, from dining halls to offices, from houses to production facilities. They are the elements that affect the life and usefulness of all prefabricated structures, which can be quickly erected on site. 

Ayba Metal, thanks to the light steel frames in its product portfolio, supplies all the profiles needed at each stage of prefabricated building projects at the highest quality. Ayba Metal ensures that customers can easily access the most economical and highest quality products with light steel frame models developed by its expert technical staff and produced in its modern production facility.

Ayba Metal’s Light Steel Frames

With its broad product range, you will be able to quickly supply all the light steel frame materials you are looking for from Ayba Metal. The profile options in the product catalog provide you with the ideal structure by offering elegance as well as durability and functionality. 

Ayba Metal responds to all needs in the fastest way with product alternatives in the light steel frame construction category. You can contact the company to find the profile type you need.

Cold Formed C Profile

These profiles, which are used to create mezzanine floors in prefabricated buildings, offer practical use thanks to their easy transportation and assembly. Although the Inter-stage profile and the C profile attached to the Inter-stage profile come in standard sizes, production is made in desired sizes for different projects.

Ceiling Omega Profiles

Ceiling Omega Profiles, which are available in three types in the Ayba Metal product catalog, are used in the truss section that connects the wall and ceiling systems of all prefabricated buildings. In this respect, Ceiling Omega Profiles, which are among the products that should be paid the most attention in prefabricated building projects, have two different size options, 100 and 60.

Galvanized Roof Profiles

Galvanized Roof Profiles, which are complementary parts of roofing products such as trapezoidal sheet metal and tile roof sheets offered by Ayba Metal, have two options, inner and outer. The profiles, which vary in size according to the building project, are placed on the roof for the application of roof coverings. 

H Profiles 

H profiles, which are one of the most essential elements of prefabricated building construction, connect the walls of the building and allow it to take shape. The widths of the pole profiles, which are offered in two options of 100 and 60, vary as 98 mm, and the lengths vary from 2500 mm to 2800 mm/3000 mm.

U Frame Profiles

Thanks to 100 and 60 base/lower frame profile options, floors and ceilings can be connected to each other in a practical and fast way. Although they are produced in standard sizes, they can be ordered in desired sizes in line with different needs in projects.

The Right Choice for Long-Lasting Prefabricated: Ayba Metal

Thanks to its different prefabricated building profiles, Ayba Metal responds to all the products needed at every point of the building projects in the highest quality. In order to complete your projects with Ayba Metal quality, you can contact the expert management staff in the field and quickly learn your needs and the products you need to use.