Inter-stage C Profiles

Length 10240 mm
Package 1 pcs

Inter-stage C Profiles

Inter-stage C Profiles

Inter-stage C Profiles are used for creating the inter-stage connecting the two floors and bearing the second floor on the first in prefabricated buildings such as houses, dining halls, dormitories, schools, hospitals, cafés, stalls, offices, sites, factories and hangars. These profiles are prefabricated-building materials made of steel on the special Rollform line. The inter-stage C Profiles are 200 mm high while their length varies according to projects.

After mounting on prefabricated buildings, this construction material is painted while painting ceilings. If drywall is used as a covering material, the profiles remain beneath drywalls as the “Ω” shape is completely covered.


Prefabrik Yapı Malzemeleri
Prefabricated Construction Materials

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Prefabricated building materials, Prefabricated construction materials;

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Advantages of Galvanized Sheet :
• Durable and waterproof
• Complete control at all stages of production processes
• No flaking of the zinc coating when folded
• Easily painted and soldered
• High resistance against fire and other external impacts
• Easy storing
• Convenient use when making profiles for various purposes

Areas of Use of Galvanized Sheet

Roofs, joists, columns, car parks, prefabricated buildings, prefabricated construction materials, containers, factory buildings, overpasses, hangars, insulation and covering procedures, ventilation and air-conditioning procedures, hardware, packaging industry, white appliances industry, automobile industry, cable channels, (water and fuel) reservoirs, making of buckets & boilers and basins, making of stoves and pipes, shipyards and solar collectors.


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