Roof cladding sheets, as the name suggests, are the material that provides insulation for the roof in buildings. It is used to provide durability and insulation by covering the ceiling of the buildings. Roof cladding sheets that protect the exterior and interior of the building against external factors such as rain, snow, and wind also contribute to the aesthetic appearance of buildings.

Metal roof cladding sheets offered by Ayba Metal in two different ways are obtained by drawing galvanized sheets in the desired size and length in rollform machines with the latest technology. Exterior cladding sheets are used not only on roofs but also on building facades, doors, and fences, thanks to their high resistance to damage caused by external factors. 

Coating sheets, which are also a very popular material with their light structure, easy installation, and resistance to mechanical failures, do not suffer any damage in long-term use and maintain their durability just like the first day. Ayba Metal, one of the leading companies in the building materials sector, offers roofing sheets to its customers with two different product options.

Painted Trapezoidal Sheets

Painted Trapezoidal Sheet, which is a very durable and economical material, is frequently used in roofing and building cladding. Ideal for factories and warehouses, painted trapezoidal sheet metal is also preferred in places such as prefabricated houses, gyms, farms, and hangars. It makes the structures look beautiful with its durability and aesthetics.

Ayba Metal, which is always up to date with the developing world of building materials, offers painted trapezoidal sheet models produced with the latest technology to its customers. The painted trapezoidal sheets in the product range allow you to have the highest quality and durable product while visually contributing to the aesthetics of your buildings. At the same time, Ayba Metal makes it possible to meet your needs precisely with the painted trapezoidal sheet sizes produced as desired.

Ayba Metal allows you to make the right choice for your building projects with three different color options: anthracite deck sheet, red deck sheet, and green deck sheet while making the most economical choice with affordable trapezoidal sheet price options.

Tile Roof Sheets

Tile roof sheet, which is generally used for roof and exterior cladding, is often preferred because it is a more suitable cladding material compared to other alternatives. It is also beneficial with its practical installation, easy transportation due to its light weight compared to concrete alternatives, and resistance to harsh conditions caused by external factors.

Tile roof sheets produced by Ayba Metal meet with customers with two color options. It allows you to have quality in the most affordable way with the price of tile roof sheet metal, which can be purchased with red metal roof tile sheet and green metal roof tile sheet options and can be used practically in roofing or exterior cladding.

The Right Address for Roofing and Insulation Needs: Ayba Metal

Ayba Metal helps you choose the perfect material for all your exterior cladding and insulation needs with the roof cladding sheets prices, sizes, and colors it offers to its customers. After finding what you need among Ayba Metal products for your construction projects, you can contact Ayba Metal’s expert management staff.