Metal Roof Tile Sheet (Red)


Areas of Use

From prefabricated buildings to factories, villas, storehouses, hangars, community buildings and residences, Deck Sheet and Metal Roof Tile can be used on 12° – 45° inclined roofs of all buildings where design and durability are priorities.
Owing to various colour alternatives, metal roof tile satisfies all expectations.

Technical Advantages

  • Deck sheet and metal roof tile sheet are firm. Are not influenced from weather conditions or fire.
  • Deck sheet and metal roof tile sheet are very light. Don’t cause excessive load to carrier systems. Weigh 4 kg in 1 sqm of Panel Roof Tile. However, 1 sqm of brick roof tiles weigh around 48 kg.
  • Deck sheet and metal roof tile sheet are safe. Don’t crack or break. Don’t require maintenance.
  • Conform to the nature.
  • Don’t keep snow.
  • Are producible in any colour and dimensions.
  • Are budget-friendly and durable.
  • Have accessory to offer solutions as to every detail.
  • Are practical and easily mountable. Ensures saving on labour.

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