PVC support profile is one of the most important materials of prefabricated building projects. The support profile, which is a material that should be used in the construction of all prefabricated structures from houses to dining halls, from schools to construction sites, is produced by Ayba Metal from galvanized steel drawn on a special rollform line. 

The PVC support profile, which is among the Ayba Metal support profiles, can be hidden by painting it in the same color as the ceiling paint after the prefabricated building assembly is completed. At the same time, if the prefabricated structure is covered with drywall application as an interior coating, it will not be visible in the interior of the prefabricated structure as it will remain inside the drywall application.

Thanks to the PVC support profile, which is compatible with all building materials, you can be sure that your building will have the durability of the first day for many years. The support profile, which provides the formation of the skeleton, which is the first step in the construction of the system to be mounted on it, provides resistance to wind and sound insulation with its superior quality. 

PVC Support Profiles for Long-Lasting Structures

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in its coating form is the oldest of all plastics and probably the most widely used. 

The most widely used member of the vinyl family, PVC excels when used for corrosion-resistant tanks, ducts, hoods, and pipes. White PVC profile is often used for self-supporting tanks, fabricated parts, tank liners, and spacers.

  • Chemical and corrosion-resistant

  • Not UV stabilized

  • Good electrical and thermal insulators

  • Flammability UL 94 VO

  • Tolerance: ± 10%

  • Easily fabricated or welded

  • Temperature range: 33°F - 160°F; Forming temperature: 118 C

  • Cutting tolerance ± 1/4"

In addition, the PVC support profile is a rigid solid profile that is resistant to high-impact weathering. The polyvinyl chloride coating is also resistant to chemicals and corrosive environments. PVC support profile is very easy to manufacture and can be installed with conventional tools. The PVC backing profile is also available in transparent with the highest light transmission available. The rigid and strong PVC product is also ideal for interior signage and point-of-sale applications. The product is suitable for screen and digital printing.

Superior Quality Long Lasting Durability: Ayba Metal Support Profile

Ayba Metal, with its advanced production power and decades of experience, produces high-quality PVC support profiles that are compatible with all brands you may need and that you can use safely for years. Ayba Metal, which can produce PVC support profiles in special sizes for your project needs with its facility established on an area of thousands of square meters, helps you to produce quality work without compromising durability and minimizes losses in your projects.

  • Thickness options

  • High-quality certified production

  • Production in special sizes for your needs

You can also guarantee your construction projects with this material, which allows building materials to be connected more firmly and to maintain the shape of the profile in the same strength for many years. PVC support profile, which is Ayba Metal's own production, can be produced in the desired variety and size for your construction projects. 

If you want to make your building projects aesthetically beautiful and durable, you can contact Ayba Metal.