Support profile variations are among the essential components of the prefabricated construction sector. Taking its place in support profiles, PVC Support Profile is used in many constructions varying from houses, schools, construction site facilities, and so on.

Making the difference as a leading company in the construction industry thanks to the expertise supported by the experience of years in the sector, Ayba Metal takes responsibility for manufacturing PVC support profile varieties that are compatible with all construction materials.

With the experience of many decades, Ayba Metal manufactures PVC support profiles made of galvanized steel on a special roll form line which are compatible with all construction materials of need and safe to use for many years.

Also known as support sheets, this product provides resistance to wind, sound isolation, and better connectivity with its superior quality while helping to form the shape of the frame to be mounted and maintaining the shape of the profile rigid with the same robustness for many years. Ayba Metal’s own production, the PVC profile, is able to be produced in desired diversity and dimension to provide reliability and quality for many years to the projects you use.

Expert in the Support Profile Production: Ayba Metal

With the quality of its products, Ayba Metal excels amongst PVC support profile manufacturers. Thanks to its expert production staff in its first-class production facility, the company delivers products of the highest quality to its customers.

The PVC support sheet, among many of the solutions that Ayba Metal presents, provide top-notch quality and also succeeds to maintain for many years regardless of either being prefabricated or reinforced concrete construction.

PVC support profile types are notably helpful due to their easy transport and storage features and outstanding durability against encounterable events such as fire and rain.

When used in prefabricated buildings, the support profile can be painted in the colors of the ceiling paint after the installment. They can perform their duty unseen after being covered over by drywall.

Ayba Metal provides you with the best quality product to have in the most economical way, thanks to the PVC support profile prices it offers. Produced by the most competent production staff in its modern production facilities and its quality PVC profile types guarantee you to avoid problems such as decay and deformation caused by external factors.

You, too, could prefer Ayba Metal standards to have the same quality for many years. For each and every construction project of yours, you can contact Ayba Metal’s expert staff and find out about your most suitable needs in the shortest notice.