Trapezoidal sheet metal used in roofing and building cladding is a very durable and economical material. Ideal for workplaces, production areas, and warehouses, trapezoidal sheet metal is also frequently used in places such as prefabricated houses and sports halls. It is also frequently preferred in buildings because of its durability and aesthetics.

Thanks to its high resistance to environmental conditions and damage, it is used not only on roofs but also on building facades, doors, and fences. Being lightweight and resistant to mechanical failures, it does not suffer any damage in long-term use and maintains its strength on the first day.

Trapezoidal sheet metal is extremely light in weight and serves as the ideal coating material for roofs that cannot carry high weights. 

Ayba Metal provides high quality while offering economical solutions with trapezoidal sheet prices. Ayba Metal's product portfolio helps you achieve high efficiency while adding aesthetics to your projects with its painted trapezoidal sheets.

Ayba Metal Trapezoidal Sheets

Ayba Metal, which improves itself every day with its expert management staff and production personnel, brings together trapezoidal sheet models produced with the latest technology with its customers. With its painted trapezoidal sheet options, it aims to contribute to your buildings not only functionally but also aesthetically. 

While there are many trapezoidal sheet models you can find, Ayba Metal trapezoidal sheet models are distinguished from their competitors with the additional micro-embossing application applied during the construction phase, giving more hardness.

Ayba Metal has 3 different coating types galvanized trapezoidal sheet, coated trapezoidal sheet, and aluminum alloy zinc coating. Ayba Metal, which meets the coating needs with different trapezoidal sheet types that can be selected according to the type of building, allows you to make the right choice for your building projects with 3 different color options anthracite trapezoidal sheet, red trapezoidal sheet, and green trapezoidal sheet and painted trapezoidal sheet prices.

Trapezoidal sheet sizes vary between 7 mm and 35 mm in height in the Ayba Metal portfolio. The desired amount of trapezoidal sheet metal is prepared and supplied after the order is placed. You can use the trapezoidal sheets, which are supplied quickly, in building exterior coatings for a long time.

Although it is a thin material, trapezoidal sheets are extremely suitable for use even in harsh conditions, as they are protected against deformations such as frost, sun, and rain thanks to the paint layer galvanized layer. 

If you do not know which product is suitable for the area you will cover and how much sheet metal you need, contact Ayba Metal experts with many years of experience in the field to advise you on what you should choose.

Ayba Metal helps you choose the right material for all your exterior cladding needs with its galvanized trapezoidal sheet prices, sizes, and colors. You can also check Ayba Metal products for your construction projects, and after determining your needs, you can benefit from durability, aesthetics, and functionality with the solutions offered by Ayba Metal.