C-100 Drywall Profile

Dimensions (mm) 42x99x42 mm
Thickness (mm) 0,40 mm – 0,60 mm
Length (mm) 3000 mm
Packaging (pcs/bundle) 12 pcs / bundle

C-100 Drywall Profileis used 100 mm above metal carrier system for partition wall, curtain wall and shaft wall applications. It is applied within Wall U profiles. Drywall blocks are screwed on both sides of the profiles applied within wall U profiles while applying a partition wall and on one side of profiles while applying a curtain wall.

Drywall Profiles  have a wide range of application areas including ventilation and air-conditioning systems, insulation and covering applications, any and all roof, facade, wall and ceiling coverings, partition walls, curtain walls, suspended ceilings, channel sheet productions for PVC firms, prefabricated buildings, prefabricated wall and ceiling coverings, wall and ceiling coverings of reinforced concrete buildings as well as decorations, covering and insulation applications for stores, offices, hospitals and other desired areas.


Drywall is resistant against dynamic impacts owing to partition wall flexibility.

Easily hides installations, has the same pH value with humans and does not produce bacteria.

Load per sqm on a partition wall covered with drywall: Load per sqm on a 35 kg/sqm brick wall: 300 kg/sqm

Ensures fast and easy mounting and dismounting and saves on labour and time.

Does not cause loss of place on partition walls.

Ensures flexibility to buildings owing to 9 times lighter nature compared to brick walls.

Provides excellent sound, heat and fire resistance on partition walls.

Offers adaptable profile production with desired lengths according to project details.


Decorative suspended ceiling drywalls

Ceiling drywalls

Water-proof drywalls

Interior design drywalls

Fire-proof drywalls

Dry ground covering drywalls

Sound- and fire-proof drywalls

Water- and fire-proof drywalls

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