M Profile


As one of the most important aspects of the construction projects, exteriors may cause problems when they are not durable enough. As exterior walls, claddings and sidings are the first point of contact of external factors such as rain, snow and wind; exterior materials of the constructions ought to be of high quality to make houses safer.

At this stage comes in the M Profile taking its place among Ayba Metal’s exterior profiles, used as a covering material for exterior wall applications. Additionally, M Profile is benefitted for ensuring plate connectivity.

Having an outstanding fire resistance alongside its provided energy saving, M profile stands out with its low maintenance costs.

Ayba Metal M Profile Types

M Profile in the Ayba Metal’s catalogue, one of the leading companies in Turkish and international market that comes to mind when it’s about metal, adds a different atmosphere to construction projects aesthetically as well as with its durable specifications.

With metal coatings which on average have an expected life span of at least half a century, constructions have high protection against natural occurences such as earthquake, fire and natural events as such.

What Are the M Profile Prices?

M Profile Prices are determined by companies of small, middle and large scale in the construction industry. Price range of the products depends on the quality, size and intended use of the product.

Presented with its alternatives by Ayba Metal, M Profile Prices suits the needs of client expectations in the most affordable way. With its durable structure to preserve its day one shape against harsh conditions and never losing its functionality, Ayba Metal M Profile is presented to customers as the most economical option with its long lasting utilization, ease of maintenance and the energy savings it can provide.

What Are the M Profile Dimensions?

Although the M Profile dimensions may differ in the market, Ayba Metal meticulously measures its client expectations by paying close attention to its customers’ needs thanks to its expert technical and executive staff. The Galvanized M profile, is ordered in the desired dimension according to the needs, and drawn from special Rollform machines to be made ready for delivery.

Ayba Metal prepares and brings to customer the M Profiles in line with the expected production demand with different dimensions and thicknesses.

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